Are you an Alpha Chi Omega?
Alpha Chi Omega’s are bright, energetic and compassionate women. We strive to achieve greatness both as a chapter and as individuals in the community. We’ve achieved 100 percent involvement in campus organizations and always strive to achieve the high academic standards that we set for ourselves. Not only are we active, well-rounded women, we have one of the best sisterhoods here on campus. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of something much larger than yourself. Becoming an Alpha Chi just might be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Recruitment 2017

What Do Alpha Chi's Stand For?
Alpha Chi Omega offers its members numerous opportunities to further their leadership skills not only within the chapter, but also throughout the university and the community.
Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members’ cultural appreciation, social awareness and personal presentation.
Alpha Chi Omega believes in the importance of intellectual development and encourages sound scholarship and intellectual achievement. We offer many programs within the chapter, including a study and mentor program to help members reach their full intellectual potential.
Alpha Chi Omega expects members to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and moral character.
Alpha Chi Omega expects members to be responsible for the prompt payment of all dues and fees and other financial commitments to the chapter.

Allie and Gillian, Recruitment

- Spirit Day #1: Thursday August 30th
- Spirit Day #2: Saturday September 1st
- Philanthropy Day: Sunday September 2nd
- Values Day: Monday September 3rd
- Preference Day: Wednesday September 5th
- Bid Day: Thursday September 6th

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If you have any questions about recruitment at Michigan State University or just recruitment in general, please contact our Vice President of Recruitment, Allie Carey, at​. 


Candids from Bid Day Fall 2017

PC '17
Senior Bid Day '17
Bid Day '17 glitter hair
Bid Day 2018 at the rock
Bid Day '17 Gillian, Grace, Nicole

Candids from Bid Day Fall 2016

Katie and Maddie
Allie and sis
Bid Day '16 Maddy and Sammie
Bid day 2016 3
Bid Day 2016, Kylie and Lydia!

Candids from Bid Day Fall 2015

Bid day 2015 front lawn
Fall 2014 Pledge Class
Fall 2015 Pledge Class members on Bid Day
Bid Day 2015