Why Go Greek?

2018 Senior Grads!

Top 5 Reasons to Go Greek:

The beauty of joining a Greek organization is that each house has its own values and personality so that you can find where you fit best. These are just some of the reasons to Go Greek! 

1. Lifelong friendships: By joining a sorority you are automatically exposed to people who you may never have had the opportunity to meet. You can never have enough friends, and going Greek definitely expands your social circle. Alpha Chi Omega's not only develop close bonds with each other, but with girls in all of the 14 Panhellenic houses on campus! The friends that students meet through Greek Life become their study abroad partners, post-grad roommates, bridesmaids and friends for life. 

Throw what you know

2Philanthropy:  Greek organizations across the country raise thousands of dollars a year for various charities. Not only do Greeks raise money, they also spread awareness and participate in numerous and creative philanthropy events. Alpha Chi Omega's philanthropy is to raise domestic violence awareness, so all the money raised in our philanthropic events goes to MSU Safe Place, a haven (right on our own campus) for those affected by domestic and sexual assault.

Support your team in Volley Against Violence!

3. Connections: Another important aspect of joining a sorority is the connections made once you become an active member. Once you are initiated, you are automatically connected to thousands of women across the country. Often times that connection alone could give you an edge in the competition for an internship, recommendation or job.

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4. Social aspects:  Sororities know how to have a good time no matter the occasion! Between formals, socials, Saturday football games, or just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, going Greek will guarantee you never have a dull moment during your four years on campus. 

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5. Tradition: Greek life, especially Alpha Chi Omega, is full of meaningful traditions. From carry out, to all-house dinners, to senior appreciation week, we have so many fun traditions that bind us together as sisters. 

Carry Out