Chapter History

Alpha Chi Omega Beta Epsilon

In September of 1926, a group of women founded an Alpha Chi Omega chapter on Michigan State University. These women lived in a yellow house on M.A.C. Avenue. Hazel Ecknard was one of these women. She was secretary at the time and petitioned nationals to officially allow their organization to become a chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. On February 11, 1928, the group was installed as the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.
The newly installed chapter needed a house, and thanks to the generosity of the Dirke family, this was made possible. The house was built on M.A.C. in 1920 and was the Alpha Chi Omega chapter home until 1964. The beautiful house we currently reside in, 243 Burcham Drive, was fnished in 1964 and the old house is now known as the "Montie House."

243 burcham history