At Alpha Chi Omega, we really are sisters. Each semester, our VP Membership Programming plans many events for the house including sisterhood events, cultural events, and community events. Through these events, we promote the bond we share as sisters. 

       Aside from these planned events, a lot of sister bonding happens at the house. Many Alpha Chi sisters come over for meals, hang out on their favorite couch (Big Red) or study in the AXO Library together. Also, impromptu movie nights and Bachelor Monday's are common events in our T.V. room. The Alpha Chi Omega house is a home to all Alpha Chi's. Many of us live in the house during our college experience and consider it one of our favorite parts about joining Alpha Chi Omega.

        Anytime someone walks into the Alpha Chi Omega house, they immediately feel the warmth and joy of all their sisters. 243 Burcham is more than just a pretty house on the end of MAC, it is a home for each and every one of our sisters. 

Ruta, Liv, grace r, and Hailey
Liv and Clara
Lacey, Jenna, Rachel

       In addition to our sisterhood events, our chapter has a full social calendar with formals and date functions. These events allow us to dress up in glamorous dresses or silly costumes while spending time with our sisters and handsome dates. We also host socials and events with many other fraternities and sororites on campus to help bind the MSU Greek community together. These events are not only a great break from our hectic academic schedules, but they also strengthen the bonds of our sisterhood. 

Katie, Madeline, Sophie
Caroline and Lindsay
Colleen, Lauren, Maddie, Katie, Carley
Gillian and grace

Alpha Chi Omega Mom's Day 2017

Moms day 3
Moms day 2
Hunter Moms Day

Alpha Chi's live for Spartan Football Saturdays! There's no better way to spend a Saturday in Autumn than cheering on the BEST football team in the nation with your sisters. Every year we get specialized AXO apparel for the games and wear our letters proudly. Go Green, Go White! 

Gillian, Megan, Nicole
Amanda, Bella, Nikki
Claire and Lindsay

Big/Little Duos 

Big little 1
Big little 2
Big little 5